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I live in London and work for an education charity.

I started this blog because I wanted somewhere to develop and express my thoughts on a subject that I was spending increasing amounts of time thinking about: education.

In my view there are several questions relating to education that are worth thinking and writing about, including:

  • What is education for? What should a good education include?
  • How does it shape (or reflect) the rest of society?
  • What can government do to influence education? What are the limits of what it can do?
  • How can we ensure that classroom practice is based on evidence and reflects what we want education to be?
  • What can we learn from history about education and education policy?

Most of my posts directly or indirectly address one or more of these questions.

At the core of my thinking about education are two beliefs that contrast with some of the dominant assumptions in the current discourse.

Firstly, education is an intensely political subject. There is no way of setting theory and ideology to one side when approaching questions of what we should do. I am, therefore, sceptical about claims that we should put ideology away in favour of ‘evidence’. Evidence is important, but theory is equally important.

Secondly, I believe that getting education policy right is exceptionally difficult. There is no silver bullet. What we do not know exceeds what we do know, and there is a limit to how far our education system can escape the context in which it operates. Things that are presented as an easy solution often turn out to be no solution at all.


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